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Saturday Sept 18 - Wednesday Sept 22: Discovery and Familiarization at the Kaahra Platform

Hi Kaahra Family !!! 👋🏾

After the Kaahra Coins, we are launching our very first Kaahra games! 🤩

Win Kaahra and local products by telling us about your cultures and traditions. Introduce us to local dishes, show off in your most beautiful traditional outfits, let us know the instruments that produce these beautiful cultural melodies, let us discover the monuments of your regions🤩

The games look like this:

1- Log in to your account or create a new Kaahra REGISTER | Kaahra
2- Customize your profile
1 Profile picture
Last name and first names
Residence (district, city)
Phone number
About – Skills – Quote…

See the tutorial on how to customize your profile FAQ | Kaahra

3- Maximize your number of Kaahra friends to increase your chances of winning the game Members | Kaahra. You must necessarily be friends with Kaahra Reference to enter the game.
4- Familiarization with Kaahra Coins
Make sure you are logged into your account and watch at least 3 videos on our platform and earn at least 0.015 Kc. The more videos you watch and like, the more Kc’s you will earn.
Check your Kaahra Wallet and make sure you have received your Kc by looking in Transaction History.

If you have more than 0.015 Kc in your Kaahra wallet, you are ready to play. Send to Kaahra inbox Reference “READY!

Thursday Sept 23 - Sunday Sept 27: Let's get to the heart of the game!

Present a cultural dish

Any traditional dish, any combination of recipes, and any decoration are allowed for the presentation of your dish or your dishes.

Examples: Akumè with Okra Sauce, Adémè, Peanut Sauce, Atièkè, Molou Koumè, Ayimolou, Djinkoumè …

Submit a Photo of You Dressed in a Traditional Pattern

Clothing is one of the key characters that identify the origins of a person or identify his personality, his values. In a photo of yourself, tell us about your cultural/traditional origins or your values/personality.

Introduce and describe a traditional musical instrument or traditional monument / artifact

Let us know the instruments that produce these beautiful cultural melodies, let us discover the monuments of your regions🤩

Prizes You Can Win